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Shower Stools/ Benches


Various shower stools and shower benches with many different features to chose from. Sturdy and slip resistant, fit for any type of showers and bathrooms. 

Bathtub Transfer Benches


Different transfer benches with plain or padded seats, adjustable seat height, with or without commode opening and buckets and many more features.

Bathtub/Toilet Rails


 These rails allow users to safely sit or stand at the bathtub and toilet. Bathtub rails can be attached easily and fit many different bathtub types. Toilet Support Rail attaches directly to the toilet.

Grab Bars


 Grab Bar provides added security when using a commode or bathing. Many different types are available to choose from.

Bath Mats/ Hand Held Shower Heads


 Selection of bath mats including stylish bath mat shaped to fit perfectly with bath seats and transfer benches. Bath Mat provides a slip-resistant, safe surface while showering or bathing. Hand held massage shower heads. 

Raised Toilet Seats


 Raised Toilet Seat with or without adjustable arms. These toilet seat assist those with bending or sitting difficulties. Models fit most toilets.